Friday, August 20, 2010

Personal Communication and Organization Device

Posted by : Muhammad Hamidi bin Zamri
Matric No: 1016211

This device combines – smart phone (with video calling), camera, GPS, mp3 player, storage (for photos, files etc.), time/date/calendar, games, app’s and much more.

The PCOD would also come with changeable holder/straps in various colors and designs - and the screen wallpaper can be changed to match the chosen holder.

This would be the default screen (above), showing the time, date, network connection icons, first two chosen app’s, and the keypad button. All of this UI would be configurable to whatever the owner prefers. For example – the user could choose which two app’s show first (more app’s are available by scrolling up or down), and the keypad button/icon could be changed for something else like favorite contacts etc.

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  1. what is the current update of this? has any company started producing it? When is the production model launching in the world markets?