Friday, August 20, 2010


Posted by Fatah

Cars have a huge impact to the society. People can move from one place to another, more highways and small towns. Cars rely on fossil fuels such as petroleum and diesel.

Potential future car technologies include new energy sources and materials, which are being developed in order to make automobiles more sustainable, safer, more energy efficient, or less polluting. Cars are being developed in many different ways.

Cars will move without the driver which is autopilot. These cars move by choices of the passenger. So, they can have a nice and safe journey. However, people will feel that the car is moving by itself which may cause people to doubt about it. It also eliminates the needs oftaxi drivers. It is also more expensive the normal car.

Cars will be fueled by hydrogen fuel, solar power or compressed air. These sources arerenewable resources that will replace oil and gas. Despite that, hydrogen fuel requires larger fuel tank because of its low energy content, solar battery is expensive and needed to replace once it is expired and compressed air requires large changes because it may turn to gas once exposed.

Finally, new materials will replace the old one such as duraluminum, fiberglass and carbon fiber may totally replace all steel. These new materials will improve lightness and strength. Despite those, it is costly but it will become cheap.

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