Friday, August 20, 2010


Posted by : Muhammad Hamidi bin Zamri
Matric No: 1016211

Increased security breaches, be they in the workplace or at home, are a matter of concern among working professionals as well as residents, which forces them to keep each and everything under lock, turning their pocket into a messy key holder. Providing a solution, Italian designer Chiara Ripalti has come up with an innovative device named the “Ekey” that lets you access various places, such as the office, home or library, safely with just one small gadget. Easy to use, the device equips a fingerprint scanner to identify the fingerprint of the user before allowing entry to multiple private environments. Wrapped in a customized cover, the Ekey also includes a LED light that glows to mark a legal entry.

The cost is much expensive.. As a result, only certain person can use it for personal.

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