Sunday, August 15, 2010


Posted by : Amizamri Romzan

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On coming future, there will be more cars on the road and that can increase potential of having accidents on the road. So, that is the job for Volvo engineer to prevent that kind of incident. Collision avoidance by auto steering is a future development on lane departure warning, which uses a camera to monitor the cars position between lane markers. That is one of the tech that will develop by Volvo engineers.

How they will be integrated into society:

- Depend on the producer how to produce the car that capable of doing that. They have to make more research on the technology that wants to be provided to help society.

Effects on our culture:

- Help drivers from entering the lane marker that can cause an accident.

- Prevent driver from a frontal caused by temporally distraction.

- Make divers be more careful on the road.

- Driver will be more focus and aware on the surrounding of the road.

Barrier on the technology:

- The researcher still figuring how adopt that technology on which degrees of steering wheel intervention and the exact speed range the system can operate within.

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