Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Posted by Nuroll Aiman

We all love concept models — be it cars, motorcycles, boats, furniture, albums, whatever — except the only frustration is knowing the beauty you’re looking at will probably never see the light of day production-wise. Well same goes for watches — sometimes their avant guard design ideas and mechanics push traditional wristwatch language into the 22nd century, but perhaps are too progressive to make them marketable. A couple of these watches are said concepts, while to others just might see their way onto the wrists of those not worried about looking traditional. Onwards to 2020 then

LED Watch by 100%

You would be more accurate in describing this piece by 100% as a bracelet that tells time, more so than a classic wristwatch. It’s pretty simple really: press a button and the LEDs shine through the bracelet’s interlocks to display the time. Super simple, really, and this one — designed by Hironao Tsuboi — may actually see the light of day.

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