Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Posted by Amali

Every time we plan to go to town for shopping, we will get stuck on thinking how could I go there in full of traffic- jam. What the easy way to pass the harsh traffic jam whether in self-transport or public-transport. If I take public transport, it would make me feel tension while waiting train with million of people in like a sardine tin. But if I use my own car, I would pressure with traffic jam that never been settle. These sorts of situation never end but just keep on continuing.

Nevertheless, the problem can be solved when an idea come out, advanced transit.

Advanced transit is any significant improvement over the commonly available means of transit. Advanced transit includes components, systems or policies -- and combinations thereof -- whose application have the potential of improving the (1) energy efficiency, (2) environmental performance, and (3) public benefits of the public-private transportation system. When we think about transit, we are not just thinking about public transit systems but also any system that moves large numbers of people in the urban environment, like freeways and automobiles. We usually focus on moving people but we think that some of our ideas could also be applied to moving things.

When we are referring to our country itself, there are a lot lacking of transit system using by Malaysians people. They often comment upon transit systems such KTMB which are not systematic and moving slow. Regarding this matter, they force to face on coming late to office, school and others.

Thus, people often have their own ideas about how to improve transportation systems. Most of us started out with great ideas and only discovered later that some other people thought the same way. No, we do not all agree about what we think will make the difference. Where we agree is in thinking that something innovative can be done.

These are example of advancement of technology that will be probably happened in the next 10 years. This public transportation basically helps people to moving away to their destination such as going to work or shopping. The improvement of this technology hopefully will be easier to all people throughout the world generally and for Malaysian’s people specifically. These transits can bring in large quantity as well as faster moving. It also provides better conveniences and very nice design of transit. It would use of full solar energy that can reduce the use of electricity energy. Even it is not use tires at all. Therefore, air pollution from vehicle can be reduced immediately.

This is an ongoing project. I believe that we will be working on this transportation vision for many years to come.

Most of the ideas are improvements that everyone understands, like separating fast traffic and dangerous traffic from other kinds of traffic. Anyone who has used a freeway understands that idea.The visualize systems that bring together several of these ideas, making the resulting technology much more efficient and usable than what is possible from a single approach.

Technology is just a tool. Good technology will do what it is designed to do but it depends on good engineering, including system engineering, to take a form that has more benefits than liabilities. In spite of the enormous complexities and difficult politics of our world, we think that great improvements are possible in our transportation systems

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